Sign Up:
To sign up to become a Teraclay ambassador, please go to our
Ambassador Sign-Up Page
How It Works:
After signing up you will receive a Teraclay web address as your affiliate link. You can share this affiliate link with anyone you want. All purchases made after the customer clicks on your affiliate link will be credited to your affiliate account. You will be emailed a discount code for your customers to use. Whether or not they use your discount code, you will still be credited for the sale as long as your affiliate link was clicked. The affiliate link will be stored in the customer's cookies for 30 days. If the customer goes back to and makes a purchase, but but did not use your affiliate link, the sale will still be credited to your affiliate account. Your commission will be sent to you via PayPal with a minimum payout of $25.
You will receive the following commission payout for your sales, paid out to you via PayPal. Once your percentage of sales level increases, it stays increased for ife.
  • 10% of sales when the Ambassador sells between $0 and $500 of product.
  • 12% of sales when the Ambassador sells more than $500 of product.
  • Ambassadors will receive a 10% discount code to give out to their customers.
  • Ambassadors will receive a 25% discount code to use for themselves.
If you work hard and take initiate to promote Teraclay, we will take notice and will reward you with free products and giveaways.

To see a full list of affiliate terms and conditions, please go to our
Affiliate Terms and Policies Page